Dance Film – Flamenco International Promo Trailer

Collaborating with award winning performance artist Maria Vega, we produced a Flamenco International Promo Trailer for her spectacular show: A Dancer’s Journey.

Flamenco is an art form originating from the southern region of Spain. It consists of 3 parts: the dance, the music and the guitar playing. In this performance however, Maria has combined Flamenco with Contemporary dance and Jazz Music.

We create dance show reel films and portfolio photography, such as in this instance, to promote the fine details of the costumes, the facial expressions and emotions, and the unique movements involved with this art form.

Our expertise is creating promotional and marketing films, videos and trailers. If you are a dancer, dance company or an artist looking to promote your performance through film or photography, then contact us now for a free quote and to discuss your requirements.